This collection presents the first five issues of Everything: reports on the studio of the same name led by Kersten Geers, Jelena Pancevac, Fabrizio Ballabio and Guido Tesio at the Academy of Architecture USI in Mendrisio. In a way, Everything picks up where Architecture without Content left off. After thirty-three iterations of the big box and architecture of the perimeter, it was time to look elsewhere. These reports focus on European Architecture both in the city and the non-city. Embracing Alighiero Boetti’s accumulation of every existing Form in his seminal Tutto tapestry works in the 1980s, we tried to be both omnivorous and precise in our approach towards every single form to be found on the landscape. This heterogeneous collection includes projects by Raphael, Nouvel, Bofill and academy students alike. Ultimately, our aim is to accumulate cultural displays without prejudice, in the belief that the only way to safeguard culture, and by extension architecture, is simply by producing it.

We love Everything.


Everything I-V

Academy of Architecture USI, Mendrisio (Fall Semester 2019 / Spring Semester 2020)


Kersten Geers, Jelena Pancevac, Fabrizio Ballabio, Guido Tesio


Fall Semester 2019 – Giulia Anserini, Anna Bellinvia, Simon Bohnet, Oliver Brenner, Marta Cassany, Elena Catalano, Francesco Paolo Di Donna, Ayse Duygu Canci, Laura Hegner, Alessandro lannello, Marta Kazimierczak, Marta Locarno, Martina Marchesi, Giacomo Matasci, Daria Moatazed-Keivani, Tommaso Mola Meregalli, Camilla Morandi, Masa Mori, Alessandro Pecci, Luca Piccoli, Alessandro Sala, Chiara Spadafora, Tareq Tamimi, Cecilia Tarantino, Robbe Vandewyngaerde, Alexander Wegener

Spring Semester 2020 – Arnaud Beetschen, Trine Berre, Giulia Biondi, Alessandro Cassia, Andrea Costa, Junjun Dai, Luigi Fabozzi, Simone Fagini, Costanza Favero, Amy Frederick, Federico Giorgio, Emil Kristiansen, Stefano Macali, Andrea Masini, Vitoria Morpurgo, Eduardo Pinto Loureiro, Valentina Previtera, Julien Rey, Gabriel Saez Araya, Ludovico Scarlini, Alain Scarpa, Luca Sonzogni, Federico Stefanoni, Anna Török

Diploma 2020 – Ayse Duygu Canci, Samyuktha Ganesh, Alessandro lannello, Marta Kazimierczak, Marta Locarno, Tommaso Mola Meregalli, Camilla Morandi, Masa Mori, Alessandro Pecci, David Slender, Diego Vincenz


Kersten Geers, Jelena Pancevac

Graphic design

Joris Kritis


Humboldt Books