This book chronicles the fourth academic year of the studio led by Kersten Geers at the Academy of Architecture USI in Mendrisio. It was produced as a counterpart to Experiments in Thickness, a book which focused on the work of Giancarlo de Carlo in Urbino. As a means of grappling with that elephant in the room—the modern project—and its perceived failure of good intentions, all the projects gathered here are an update of sorts. Abstract overarching narratives were updated as premises for projects in Milan, De Carlo’s campus in Urbino was updated to accommodate current student population, and unrealised projects in Milan were revived to create a radically contemporary urbanity. But this was not an exercise in nostalgia and retrieval of the lost cause, as much as seeking an opportunity in a modernist ending.


Everything XVI-XX (A Modernist Ending)

Academy of Architecture USI, Mendrisio (Fall Semester 2022 / Spring Semester 2023)


Kersten Geers, Fabrizio Ballabio, Guido Tesio


Fall Semester 2022 – Francesco Auletta, Martina Balzarini, Grace Boga, Maria Bonazzi, Pietro Borzacca, Alice Brocato, Maria Cacciapuoti, Federico Cigolini, Iole Corbo, Camilla Crafa, Sofia di Stefano, Gennaro Luca Fimiani, Kacper Karpinski, Omar Kharrat, Edoardo Lagrasta, Dongwon Leigh, Kevin Longo, Gianmarco Marini, Annalisa Massari, Dongik Park, Jordi Prat Lanza, Emma Rabolini, Angelica Sabatini, Francesco Vestita

Spring Semester 2023 – Tommaso Aliverti, Daria Baldovino, Vittoria Betti, Veronica Irene Bissanti, Mauro Cecchetti, Vittorio Alfredo Maria Chiesa, Adele Cortese, Eliot Samuele Carmelo Ferguen, Giambattista Ferro, Reneé Hendrix, Cara Naja Hähl-Pfeifer, Simão Jorge, Shuji Kambayashi, Nicolas Keldany, Simone Mirabella, Andrea Occelli, Alessandro Ostuni, Sofia Paganelli, Enrico Ricci, Nora Dea Antonia Soldati, Joby Thoppil, Maria Turco, Andrea Vailati, Carolina Vanni

Diploma 2023 – Simon Bergstroem, Alice Brocato, Mark Clubine, Camilla Crafa, Leo Crausaz, Valentin Hostettler, Alessandra Farina, Annalisa Massari, Alessandro Visone


Kersten Geers, Jelena Pancevac

Graphic design

Joris Kritis with Emil Kowalczyk


Everything Without Content